#1. Laser Operations

Your new MRM laser has arrived, now what? Limit 3 attendees

  • 30 minutes

Class Overview

We begin our class answering the question many clinicians new to laser ask, why should I add Laser to my clinic toolkit. As Dr Shelly Simon explains, "Outcomes matter! What really matters to patients are outcomes and results they can feel, count on and talk about. Patients might come to you a few times because you are caring and pleasant, but they won't keep seeing you for care based on your winning personality alone." Patients must trust you to help them improve their health, see results, and learn something from you in order to make it worth their while to continue as your patient. Remember, patients refer friends and family members with comments like "I've never felt better." We will explore the research on how combining laser with spinal adjustments can double your outcomes in the same period as using either laser or adjustments as a mono-therapy. Of course, we will train you step-by-step on the basics of operating your laser, safety indications and the most important subject of DOSE. How to NOT make the rookie error of a little bit of laser is good then a lot more is better.

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