Q & A Class

How much do I charge for a laser consultation?
Many clinicians around the world use the following rule-of-thumb for assessing fees for laser therapy. Most laser therapy sessions last for a similar time as a chiropractic visit, so when you are applying laser only for that patient's visit, the appointment time is the same. When the patient has elected to have both chiropractic care and laser therapy on the same visit, an extended consultation time is arranged and a corresponding fee is charged:

Chiropractic visit $65
Laser therapy visit $45
Combined visit or extended consultation $95

Is it safe to apply laser to a pregnant patient?
Yes.You may have to do some additional points over the sacrum to help reset sensitised dorsal root ganglion (DRG). It is safe to do that but don't put the laser unit over the abdomen mostly for medicolegal reasons. It is also safe to apply laser to a pregnant patient who presents with an extremity problem such as carpal tunnel syndrome.