ACTIV Practitioner Portable Laser
Advanced Outcomes-
Are in Your Hands.
The ACTIV portable laser by Multi Radiance Medical is everything you need in one-easy-to use package. With a touch of a button, you’ll have 25W of super pulsed laser power whenever you need it. Take it from room-to-room, to the sports field or home. Your perfect travelling companion is the world’s most advanced portable laser. It’s safe. It delivers breakthrough results. Step into the 21st century practice today.
Kevin M. Wong, BS, DC
| International Educator, Speaker
“ As a practicing Chiropractor and continuing education instructor for almost 18 years, staying current on innovative technologies is critical. Having used laser since 2008, I am impressed at how quickly and effectively the MR4 Super Pulsed Laser helps my patients with symptoms associated with acute, chronic pain and
spasms. I love that the MR4 is so portable, I can take it with me where I go! ”
Three Synchronised Wavelengths
Targeted Relief,
Targeted Repair.
Multi Radiance pioneered Super Pulsed Lasers that combine three clinically proven wavelengths to create the Cascading Energy Effect™, allowing for deeper penetration and enhanced absorption of light.
PainAway PostOp Portable Laser
Simple and Easy!
The new Pain Away Post Op (PAPO) portable laser by Multi Radiance Medical was born out of research on patients undergoing hip joint replacement. The PAPO proved it can significantly decrease postoperative pain by up to 82% and modulate pro-inflammatory cytokines for a shorter hospital stay, better recovery and stronger and more flexible repair tissue.1 Based on the acclaimed ACTIV laser, the PAPO has 15W of super pulsed laser power making it the most affordable introduction to Photobiomodulation.
Dr. Frederick Carrick, DC, PhD.
| Founder of the Carrick Institute​
“ Low-level lasers have become mainstream modalities in the
treatment and rehabilitation of a variety of conditions, having
established evidence base use in pain relief several years ago.
I use the Multi Radiance Laser on a daily basis ”
MR4 Desktop Console+SE Emitter
Big 'workhorse' Value.
Comprehensive package with everything you need, right out of the box, to start treating patients. This system includes the desktop console with the SE25 standard emitter. The ability to attach light probes to the SE25 makes this emitter extremely versatile. This super pulsed laser system produces 25W of peak laser power.
Dr. J. Michael Flynn, DC
| Former President of WFC
“ I was introduced to Multi Radiance and their advanced laser technology at the WFC Congress in Rio de Janeiro in the spring of 2011. It has become part of my everyday treatment protocol ever since. Easy-to-use and effective, it is the perfect adjunct to chiropractic care. ”
MR4 Desktop Console+LaserShower
Super Pulsed Laser
Super Big Coverage.
The round LaserShower™ emitter quickly covers the spine and large muscle groups with a cluster probe. The LS-4D 20cm(2) covers 5x more area than the standard SE25 emitter.
Nick Kenney
| Head Athletic Trainer, K.C. Royals | 2015 World Series Champions
“ The MR4 laser has become an integral tool in the maintenance and
rehabilitation of our players. ”
Voted MLB Top Athletic Trainer 2011, 2013.
World’s first and only TGA registered device combining neurological electrical stimulation and laser in a single probe. LaserStim’s TARGET™ technology (Treatment Area Recognition and Guidance Enhanced Technology) provides an interactive neural stimulation by constantly measuring electro-conductivity of treated tissue and enables clinicians to identify trigger points and areas of inflammation to treat with the proper amount of laser energy.
Sol Cogan D.C.
| Detroit Lions Team Chiropractor.
“ After 20+ years of practice and 13 years with the Detroit Lions (Gridiron) team, the Multi Radiance MR4 Laser is one of the most incredible pieces of equipment I've encountered. In my offices, we could use any laser but we choose Multi Radiance because it is my goal to treat every patient like a multi million dollar athlete and their Super Pulsed technology lets me do just that.”
Smart, Unique, Easy.
Finds it, Fixes it!
MR4 Desktop Console+LaserStim
Two Lasers =Half the Time.
Alberto Salazar
| Head Coach, Nike Oregon Project | Marathon Champion
“ MR4 lasers are now my go-to modalities for addressing lower extremity injuries
that are slow to heal. The devices are typically used on all athletes in the facility,
but I always send the portable MR4 ACTIV with any athlete who is traveling or
heading to an event. We have seen great results.”
MR4 Desktop Dual Ultra System
Time is everything in practice, so invest in the best selling Ultra desktop dual laser system by Multi Radiance. For example, apply the large laser shower to areas of inflamed tissue such as the lower cervical facets, nerve roots and brachial plexus while scanning the trapezius, scalenes and the rotator cuff muscles for trigger points with the unique LaserStim’s TARGET™ technology. Better outcomes - Half the time!
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