The new MR5 Activ Pro Laser Shower is the latest addition to the MR5 Series. With 200W peak super pulsed power and over 500mW mean output power, the MR5 Activ Pro LaserShower is the most powerful super pulsed laser yet. Due to the unique super pulsing technology which releases photons in ultra-fast billionth-of-a-second pulses, there is no risk of overheating tissue. Higher power also means faster treatment times and the 30cm2 emitter aperture allows you to treat large areas quickly, like the low back, spine and legs. MR5 Activ shown with blue sleeves in picture.


MR5 Activ Pro Laser Shower

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Laser Peak Power: 200 Watts
    Coverage Area: 30cm2 
    Super Pulsed Laser Ga AS Diodes: x4 at 50 Watts
    Infrared Light Emitting Diodes: x8
    Red Light Emitting Diodes: x8
    Blue Light Emitting Diodes: x8
    Target Technology: No
    Accepts Acupuncture Probes: No

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