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400,000 units installed in 30 countries.
Synergistic Wavelengths by
Multi Radiance Medical
Light Years Ahead
Highest Degree of Safety Available.
Three Synchronised Wavelengths
Michael Hamblin PhD
Harvard University
"The Super Pulsed lasers give a deep penetration without the unwelcome effects of Continuous Wave lasers such as thermal damage, as well as allowing for shorter treatment times."
50 W Super Pulsed Laser Shower
The older Continuous Wave lasers tend to have small emitter apertures, i.e. a pen tip, which can make hitting the target tissue difficult. The Super Pulsed Lasers by Multi Radiance have you covered with a beam spot size of a 10c piece or the bottom of a coffee cup. Always hit your target tissue.
True LaserSweep Frequencies
The LaserSweep™ varies frequencies to prevent issue adaptation by 'sweeping' through a range of frequencies from highest to lowest. By varying the frequencies, each laser impulse effectively changes the laser’s target depth of penetration leading to more absorption.
Add probe attachment and Grow your practice.
Melt Trigger Points.
Simply attach the trigger point probe, find the scar tissue and turn on laser. And feel those knots melt away without hurting your thumbs. Also perfect for chronic vertigo, sinusitis and tonsillitis protocols. For TCM or dry needling, attach the Aculaser probe and stimulate or inhibit each point without needles.
Less is more with Cascading Energy.
Best Penetration.
Short protocols (2-5 minutes) mean you can  add laser to your practice and stay on time. Multi Radiance combines three clinically proven wavelengths for optimal tissue penetration, creating the Cascading Energy Effect™. Sophisticated software synergises Laser, LED and a magnetic field for unsurpassed penetration levels of 43%.
Clever LaserStim finds it and fixes it.
Surest Dose.
Getting started with Laser Therapy has never been easier with Multi Radiance’s pioneering LaserStim emitter which sends electrical impulses to  locate inflammation and trigger points and automatically doses the right amount of photon energy, Patients love the feedback and you’ll love this breakthrough technology from one of the pioneers of low-level laser therapy.
In-Built Laser Emitter Testing.
Easiest Calibration.
All Lasers need calibrating every six-months. For most systems that means you have to send it back to the manufacturer which is usually half way around the world. That means packing up your laser, costly postage and you have to stop laser therapy for several weeks. For over 20 years, Multi Radiance calibration has been built-in. Cool!
New Patient Streams.
Simplest Referrals.
Announcing that a powerful new tool, laser therapy, has arrived in your practice is the fastest way to reactivating many former clients. And start receiving referrals from local GP's, specialists and other health professionals using our referral letter templates. Also enjoy new referrals from the MRM Australian referral network.
Three-Month Money-Back Guarantee.
Most Peace of Mind.
Multi Radiance Medical (MRM) pioneered multiple wavelength super pulsed laser and LED energy sources. For over 20 years, their 3-year warranty and extended warranty options have led the way so you can relax and focus on healing your patients.  
Small Business $20,000 Tax Saving.
Smartest Investment.
Claim up to $20,000 as a 100% instant tax deduction. This boost to a 100 patients/week practice could wipe up to 23% off your tax bill. Add to that your reactivated patients whom you are now offering better outcomes, you have an A1 investment in future proofing your practice.
Evidence-base to Translational Research
Research Leaders.
Multi Radiance Medical is currently involved with over 30 Clinical Studies Worldwide. The Pillars Paper has been recently published and confirms this to be not only statistically significant but clinically  significant technology. It also raises the bar in the laser industry from evidence-based research to translational research.