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2nd Photobiomodulation Symposium

Kooyong Lawn Tennis Centre, Melbourne
October 24-25, 2020

"Just "Just wanted to say how classy the (first) PBM laser symposium was on the weekend. Great speakers, fantastic location, superb food and great company. The coffee cart was a winner! Also Quest Hawthorn was a great place to stay. Thank you."

Little-known Secret of Laser Synergy.

“Clinicians around the world, based on their professional experiences, confirm the therapeutic effect of a combination of Chiropractic Manipulation & Low-Level Laser Therapy.”
Dr Lindie Saayman. MT (Chiro)

Still Doing R.I.C.E? Move to M.E.L.T

“Coaches have used my “RICE” guideline for decades, but now it appears that both Ice and complete Rest may delay healing,  instead of helping.”
Dr Gabe Mirkin, MD, March 2014. Author,
Best seller 1978, The Sports Medicine Book

Power up your Adjustments.

New MR5 ACTIV Pro - Tomorrow's Laser Today.
30 second protocols

The vision has always been to create a portable laser that finds, doses and resolves injuries in a jiffy. One so powerful with deep penetration yet creates no dangerous heat. And so intelligent, it responds to different healing stages. With ACTIV Pro LaserStim, that vision is now a reality. Tomorrow’s Laser today!