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"OMG guys!!! Yep don't blame you, you have certainly done it tough!!!
Best wishes for the future, you have certainly made an enormous impact on my professional life and I thank you very much for it!"
Dr D
"You have both been an absolute inspiration at the cutting edge of technology. I have always thoroughly enjoyed the teachings at your events."
Dr M
"Thank you both for your support, care, friendly professionalism, and enthusiasm.  You both make a class act."
Dr L
"Dear Brian and Judy it’s been a wonderful 30 plus years of being associated with you guys business wise (longer personally). I have had so much value out of your products and services as have so many of my clients. It just won’t be the same with you guys not being there however I fully understand the need for change. May the future be abundantly kind and generous to you both.
Much love and appreciation."
Dr M
"Thank you both for your wonderful dedication and service."
Dr D
"Oh I am sad to see you guys go!! What about all that amazing knowledge that you have- how do we access that??."
Dr M
"Thank you both for your introduction and tutorage in laser.
We’ve enjoyed the journey  with you guys very much and are sad to see you go. Best of luck with future projects."
Dr Y
"I will miss you and have missed you both. Your seminars were among the best. I hope you do something we can all be involved in in future."
Dr J
"Sorry to hear that Brian. Your courses are some of the best informed and researched courses that I have ever attended. Your willingness to pass on that knowledge for the benefit of practitioners and patients was a beacon of light in our industry. Your input will be sadly missed. Hopefully on to better things."
Dr S
"No Brian!! Your knowledge and experience will be sadly missed. You have been a revolution in bringing laser into chiropractic. Thank you for all that you have done for the profession."
Dr N
Playful Child

Outcomes Matter!

What motivates some patients to remain with a chiropractor for many years, while others leave after only a visit or two? Why do some patients refer, but not others?

Patients are only loyal to break-through results they can feel, count on and talk about.

The Secret of Laser Synergy.

“Clinicians around the world, based on their professional experiences, confirm the therapeutic effect of a combination of Chiropractic Manipulation & Low-Level Laser Therapy.”

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Covid 19

Pulsed Blue Light Inactivates Coronavirus

PBL could advance efforts to eradicate the virus, stem future pandemics, and trigger the evolution of PBL-based technologies that could be used to clear the environment of coronaviruses.

Authors state, "The need for a paradigm shift in embracing ways to combat coronavirus infections cannot be overemphasized. Humanity cannot afford to continuously rely mainly on vaccines to cope with epidemics and pandemics of coronavirus infections, given continual evolution of diverse strains and the resulting morbidity and mortality which, if unabated, would continue ad infinitum."

Prescription Drugs

"Spinal Pain Drugs Don't Work."

Back pain researchers have been discovering a common theme to the medications that our patients often take for their spinal pain, that the benefits are overstated and the side-effects are under-reported or played down.


Power up your Adjustments.

Tomorrow's Laser Today!

The vision has always been to create a cordless laser that finds, doses and resolves injuries in a jiffy. One so powerful with deep penetration yet creates no dangerous heat. And so intelligent, it responds to different healing stages. With the MR5 ACTIV Pro LaserStim, that vision is now a reality.

30 second protocols
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Light Jokes

Laughter is the best medicine of all.

Here are a few funny wisecracks on the subject of light.

Nerve Repair with Photobiomodulation

“Low-Level Laser Therapy can enhance post-injury functionality, increase the axonal diameter, increase the myelin sheath thickness, diminish mononuclear inflammatory infiltrate, increase the number of Schwann cells, increase neurotrophic growth factors and promote remodeling of the extracellular matrix.”

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Learn Laser at the Speed of Light!

The Heart of our Laser Technique

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The secret to breakthrough results with Laser is applying photon energy to the right target tissue with the right dose. At last, a laser with a method to gain the fastest outcomes with the least effort. Precisely pre-programmed into the favourites menu are your 10 go-to protocols that form the foundation to the Neuro Laser Method. Be a pro, right from the get-go!
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Still Doing R.I.C.E? Update to M.E.L.T

“Coaches have used my “RICE” guideline for decades, but now it appears that both Ice and complete Rest may delay healing, instead of helping.”

Dr Gabe Mirkin, MD, March 2014.    Author The Sports Medicine Book 1978

Vitamin D levels >125 = Zero Covid Deaths

New study finds the power of Vitamin D - stops viral replication and modulates pro-inflammatory cytokines of the lung.

Authors state, "Similar to other virus infections such as influenza, we have to expect that the effectiveness of vaccination is limited in time, especially with the current vaccines designed to trigger an immunological response against a single viral protein. ...we have already learned that even fully vaccinated people can be infected."


"Instead, humanity could be trapped in an insuperable race between new mutations and new vaccines, with an increasing risk of newly arising mutations becoming resistant to the current vaccines"

"One strong pillar in the protection against any type of virus infection is the strength of our immune system. Unfortunately, thus far, this unquestioned basic principle of nature has been more or less neglected by the responsible authorities."

"Vitamin D3 deficiency, which is a well-documented worldwide problem, is one of the main reasons for severe courses of SARS-CoV-2 infections." Serum 25(OH)D levels to above 125 nmol/L may prevent or mitigate new outbreaks due to escape mutations or decreasing antibody activity.

"Today, a compelling body of experimental evidence indicates that activated vitamin D3 plays a fundamental role in regulating both innate and adaptive immune systems."